Hi! I’m a 22 year old Data Science student, currently pursuing my Master’s of Science degree from Central University of Rajasthan [2021-2023]. I completed my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics from Vidyasagar University in 2020. I am curently targeting to pursue my career as a Data Scientist. I am also keenly interested in Photography, Compilers, Linux kernel and operating systems.

Below are some of the projects I have worked on. If you have any question, feel free to contact me.

Linux Kernels

I first started working with Linux Kernels on 2017 under the name Azure and I have supported the following Android Devices:

and also for my x86-64 PC

My kernels are focused on stability and perfomance. Each one was built with latest compilers available at the time, keeping in mind to fix warning during compilation.

Docker - Archlinux

Archlinux Docker, used in CI for Kernel and ToolChain compilation. It has all the necessary packages to build a Linux Kernel and it is updated daily over Semaphore CI.


I actively maintain a LLVM/Clang and a GCC compiler for my personal usage. The binaries are built from personal forks of ClangBuiltLinux/tc-build and mvaisakh’s gcc-build.

Clang [Source] [Binary]

GCC [Source}

Scriptings and Automations

myscripts - Formative Kernel Building Script

This is a script which I use to compile custom kenel for my devices. It was written keeping in mind about compiling a standalone kernel in CI Deployments.

Drone - CI/CD for Linux Kernels

This is a CI/CD pipeline which I use to compile and deploy my kernels. It is built using AWS and is hosted on Harness private architecture. It is used to compile and deploy my kernels for my devices.

Web Development

Portfolio website

This is my personal website, built using Hugo and hosted on Cloudflare. It is designed on Coder theme.